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8 October 2020 - 9 October 2020
Torino, Italy
Sustainability and Circular Economy for Food Technology B2B

Join Sustainability and Circular Economy for Food Virtual B2B meetings

and find new technologies or international partners for you business! 

During Terra Madre Salone del Gusto exhibition, Enterprise Europe Network, the world largest network for business support, will connect agriculture, food and drink producers with technology providers (namely companies, universities and R&D institutes) in order to enhance partnerships on sustainability and circular economy. 

The B2B will also aim at enhancing partnerships for the "Green Deal Call - Action 6 Farm to Fork", a one hour webinar will be organised through this platform on the 9th of October.

Meetings will be held virtually!! Please, take a look to the dedicated section in order to follow the correct procedure or contact us at innovazione@to.camcom.it for any support you might need. 

Technology Focus 2020:

Natural & Cultural Capital

  • agroecology
  • biodiversity
  • sustainable farming
  • precision agriculture
  • urban agriculture


  • efficient and sustainable food manufacturing
  • recovery and valorization of by-products of food industry
  • sustainable packaging
  • soil regeneration
  • reduction of food waste and loss


  • circularity monitoring systems
  • smart labelling
  • social sustainability & gender equality

Circular Economy for Food (CEFF)

The circular economy is an economic paradigm that aims to be regenerative, which has the ambition of reconnecting man to the ecosystem balance, starting from reconstructing that ecological system that supports life on Earth and that man is compromising with incredible voracity. 

The current geopolitical challenge of the "food system" is to revolutionize the production model starting from a correct management of the natural capital to which the cultural and economic capital is associated, respecting planetary limits and at the same time offering an equal space to civil society.

The agri-food sector can contribute widely to the development of this paradigm and new opportunities can arise involving all the phases and actors of the foodsystem, from production to distribution up to consumption and final disposal.

The B2B is an opportunity to interact with experts, get to know companies that already adopt circular economy models, to orient themselves on a path of improving business processes and developing new market opportunities.

Figure: areas of implementation of circularity in the foodsystem (from the book Fassio F., Tecco N. Circular Economy For Food. Matter, energy and information in circulation, Ed.A Ambiente 2018)

For further information concerning Circular Economy for Food please visit University of Gastronomic Sciences website: Circular Economy for Food HUB

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